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OLAPLEX No. 1 may be added into any type and any manufacturers Relaxer Cream

For up to 4oz (120g) or less of Relaxer Cream, add 1/16 oz (2ml) OLAPLEX No.1, mix thoroughly.

For amounts of Relaxer Cream over 4 ounces add 1/8 ounce of OLAPLEX No. 1, mix thoroughly

Apply Relaxer and process as you normally would according to manufacturer's directions

When processed, rinse thoroughly

Add 1/16 ounce of OLAPLEX No. 1 to up to 4 ounces of Neutralizing Shampoo and shampoo rinsed hair

To keep the hair in great condition and to retain its relaxed state longer, after the first neutralizing shampoo, apply OLAPLEX No. 2 and smooth it into the hair just with your hands in the direction it was relaxed for a minimum of 5-10 minutes

Rinse and follow with neutralizing shampoo, condition if needed