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When performing a Keratin service, stand alone treatment is done prior to service.

  1. Mix 1/2oz (15ml) No.1 and 3oz (90ml) water in a non spraying applicator bottle.
  2. Take client to shampoo bowl and saturate thoroughly and leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes. **We generally recommend dry hair to see saturation. If a client has product buildup such as oil or silicone, it is best to shampoo first and apply to damp, towel dried hair.
  3. Without rinsing, apply No.2 generously and comb through. Process for a minimum of 10-20mins.
  4. Rinse and clarify per keratin treatment instructions 1-7 times.
  5. Apply keratin and proceed as normal.

After Keratin:

Keratin treatments seal or laminate the hair. If doing a treatment after or using No.3, it is best to wait a minimum of 2-3 weeks. This gives the keratin treatment time to dissipate so that Olaplex may penetrate and be effective.