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Additional Uses of OLAPLEX

Mini Treatment

Rinse hair thoroughly. Towel dry and apply a generous amount of No.2. Comb through and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Shampoo and condition! This works great prior to a haircut or blow dry as a quick introduction to Olaplex.

Direct Dyes

Replacement for clear gloss or condition to dilute the color. Adds protection while coloring and boosts longevity and vibrancy!

Cutting Lotion

Rinse hair, apply a generous amount of No.2, proceed with haircut then shampoo, condition and style! Great for guests who are new to Olaplex or do not have color or chemical services performed.

Extra Repair While Processing

Dampen hair left out while processing root color, highlights, or relaxer retouch. Apply No. 2 avoid areas where color or relaxer is being processes. Client receives a treatment while they wait. This is especially beneficial on overly processed ends. When retouching highlights, apply No. 2 on previously lightened ends to strengthen and protect them while processing.

Perm Prep

Mix No. 2 and protein treatment, equal amounts, apply to client and place under dryer with no cap until hair is dry. Using a spray water bottle, remoisten the hair and continue to wrap the perm. This strengthens and preps hair for future services.

Beard Treatment

Fully saturate beard with No. 2, let process for a minimum of 10 minutes. Shampoo and follow up with beard oil, cream or conditioner.

Protective Tool While On-Scalp Lightening

Apply No. 2 on previously lightened line of demarcation prior to bleach touch-ups to help prevent overlapping. If overlapping occurs, Olaplex will work to repair bonds broken.