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Direct Dyes

Direct Dyes / Fashion Colours

Olaplex is compatible with all direct dyes / fashion colours / pure pigments. These colours do not have a developer.

Start by including No.1 in your lightener mixture if doing a double process. You may follow with No.2 after the lightening process to even out porosity prior to application of your direct dyes.

To maintain colour true to tone: Add 1/16oz (1.875ml) Olaplex No.1 to 2oz. (60ml) or more of colour. For anything less than 2oz (60ml), you may add 1/32oz (1ml).

You may also use No. 2 in place of clear or conditioner to dilute down with direct dyes only. For example: If working with a pure violet pigment, you may use No.2 to dilute down to lavender. By doing this, you will provide a mini Olaplex treatment to repair the hair and lessen overall porosity of hair to help with longevity of colour. You may customize any fashion colour by utilizing Olaplex No.2.

***Please note: Even with Olaplex, it's important to proceed with proper care of fashion colors. Use cold water to rinse and shampoo as little as possible to maintain vibrant colour.